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We are a licensed dental clinic in Okotoks with more than 20 years of experience in the field. We have been helping patients get a perfect smile for years now.

What Is Invisalign

Invisalign is kind of a retainer for your teeth but made of clear medical grade polyurethane plastic. The material molds your teeth like a casing. These are snug with your teeth and the size and shape is gradually changed by your dental specialist to bring your teeth into alignment. If you are someone who needs to get their teeth into space without having the added complexity of metal wires in their mouth, Invisalign is the thing for you. It can be easily taken off even by kids. You don’t need extensive manipulation with the metal wires and clamps like that of traditional retainers. The material isn’t as uncomfortable as traditional retainers and kids can also wear it with ease. We at Invisalign have been providing quality invisalign treatment for patients with teeth alignment issues.

Our practice specialises in invisalign treatment. If you are someone who is looking for perfectly aligned teeth to boost their confidence, My Invisalign at okotoks is the place for you. Our team of certified orthodontists have been trained to make perfectly shaped invisalign moulds for patients to bring the teeth to a perfect shape. We bring your dream of a perfect smile to reality, so you can smile with confidence. Many dental clinics do not provide invisalign treatment to bring your teeth in shape, if you are someone who was looking for invisalign specifically, My Invisalign can help you with the best invisalign treatment in okotoks calgary.

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The Process Of Getting Invisalign

A series of invisalign molds are used to bring the teeth in space. These molds are made by our orthodontists after taking proper measurement of your teeth on a molding clay. The invisalign is given to the individual by replacing each two weeks, eventually shifting the smile into the correct location. Each aligner is customized for you on the basis of the details we provide to the invisalign manufacturer.

We take a detailed analysis as the initial step in the invisalign process. We’ll create a precise image of your smile, so that you can start to develop your aligners. In order to build their own aligners, our align technology uses sophisticated techniques. It usually takes about 12 months for invisalign to finish the procedure, but each case is special and the entire treatment period will differ.

Should You Get Invisalign

If you have misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, overjet, overbite or spacing issues with your teeth, you will need orthodontics to fix the alignment issue. Traditionally metal braces were used to stick each clamp on individual teeth and pull the teeth in shape by wires. Invisalign is a casing that slowly brings the teeth into alignment. These braces can be removed with ease and you should have the patience to keep wearing these braces for it to work. Certain extreme cases of misalignment might need surgery and metal braces to work, but in most cases invisalign does the work.

Why Choose Us?

We help you get insurance coverage with your employer insurance. If your dental or medical insurance does not cover your Invisalign, not to worry. The treatment plan is affordable and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. We are experts at what we do and you can trust us to give you perfectly aligned teeth that you will love to show off. Give us a call today and set an appointment.





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